At Daniel Chizick Massage Therapy, we are committed to restoring optimal health & pain-free functioning of the body. At our clinic, you can just relax, knowing that the entire procedure would be done by our expert professionals.

We make it a point to listen to each client's issues and needs and based on that we provide the necessary massage. With minute attention to details, our registered massage therapists, give you an intense massage, you feel satisfied to the core.

Our therapy works effective for individuals suffering from excruciating pain or so. We make sure each and every guest who avail our service gains 100% customer satisfaction. We have been providing the custom treatment as per your specific needs & requirement.

This massage is specially meant for athletes. We use specific massage application techniques to reduce the chance of injuries and increase the endurance level and blood circulation of sportsperson.

Swedish massage is a popular and effective massage therapy used these days. In this massage, the practitioner uses long gliding strokes to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Apart from applying the strokes our experts use pressure to reduce muscle strain & emotional stress.



In Relaxation massage our healing therapist will massage your entire body so that you feel relaxed. In doing so, we help you maintain a balance in life, free from pain & stiffness.


Are you suffering from muscle knots? Trigger point massage therapy is applied when some specific muscle fibers cause stiffness in the body. The small contracted area often hampers the performance of the entire muscle and spread pain to other areas of the body. Our therapist will locate the painful trigger points and apply pressure to break the knots.

Our deep tissue massage therapy is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. The massage works effective for individuals suffering from chronic muscle tension.